My name is Jacqueline White, I am a licensed real estate broker and certified credit score consultant. I started this journey several years ago when I became an Internet specialist at a car dealership in Chicago. My first job title at a dealership was as an Internet Sales Specialist which included pulling and analyzing customer's credit reports before calling them in order to set an appointment and determine whether they were a prime or secondary customer. We would set an appointment for the customer to come in and  the information that was ran on the report determined how that customer was treated. We would base the sales and deals that we offered on the vehicles based on  that person's credit. There were many clients that I knew couldn’t purchase a vehicle at the sight of their credit report and if they could get into a vehicle it would be so undesirable or the interest rate would be so high it almost made me embarrassed to invite them into the store. I wanted  to tell them not to come, but my job was to get them in the door by any means and I was paid to do so. Though I have personally received some joy and saw several miracles happen with customers who had been turned down many other places but because of my persistence and trying everything to make the deal work, they were able to purchase a vehicle. Majority of the clients actually left angry and disappointed, because of their credit they were unable to purchase a vehicle.


Our job was to get them in by any means necessary even if that meant misleading them about interest rate, vehicle selection and approval status. I was so uncomfortable in this position so I transferred strictly to prime dealerships such as the Mercedes, Cadillac, and GMC brands. Where I worked with customers that had higher credit scores and  that were able to purchase with no questions asked. These customers knew they could get financed. Their only question was whether or not they were able to  get  the finance rate they wanted and whether the vehicle that they wanted was actually available. Sometimes we would have vehicles shipped from California for these types of customers or have vehicles that they actually came in and had built from scratch. These different credit customers were also treated as "Prime" customers.  As many people may know those dealerships have a layout that conveys a luxurious feel. So with me seeing this, learning the business/getting the expertise and a better understanding of what it takes to be that “prime customer” I decided I wanted to help those who I started out with in the business. Those that could not get approved or was mislead so much because of their credit profile. There were a lot of hard-working, honest people who just had life happen and as a result their credit took a hit. As I prepared to transition my sales experience over to real estate, which had always been my passion,  I noticed a very nagging similarity in the customers I dealt with and obviously credit is always the issue. So as I became more engulfed in my real estate career, I made sure to continuously help my clients and potential clients who couldn’t purchase or rent because of their credit issues.


My main goal is to educate those who were getting the shorter end of the stick and help them reach their goals financially through credit counseling. I started my consulting business on a heartfelt journey to help those revitalize their credit, purchase homes, purchase vehicles with better interest rates and allow them to feel what the “prime customers” feel, which is a sense of Wealth. When you purchase a vehicle at a 0% interest rate you are paying for that  1 car instead of 3 cars during the life of that loan. When you are able to get the best interest rate on a home, investment property, or a commercial building you can pay that home off faster and start seeing the benefits of that investment. Realistically even if a home that you purchase is to be your primary residence, it is still an investment. So with that expertise I have gained in these two industries, I can now focus my time on helping those who want to help themselves in Building credit and gaining financial stability. I take pride in assisting my clients with building the Wealthy Dream that a lot people don’t get to experience in their lifetime.

Consultant Manager

Trained in Car Finance Management and Real Estate Sales


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Licensed Loan officers who help Wealthy Dream's Clientele from the beginning to the end of your journey

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Certified Travel Consultant who assist Wealthy Dream's Clientele with travel planning, saving/payment plans and discounts on trips. 

Whats a Wealthy Dream without Traveling

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